Saturday, July 23, 2011

Charles Manson - The Collection

I made a data DVD in order to save everything that I had on Charles Manson. When people would ask me for an album, I would simply make 'em a disc and I'd be like, "Here's everything!" However, that started to get expensive. So, I decided to take the time & post everything here for people to check out. Also, I've noticed that some of Manson's music is hard to find & it shouldn't be. I also don't like the fact that, to get an original copy of some of his material, you have to pay an arm & a leg for it. Other people are making money from his music & he doesn't see a dime of it. In my opinion, that's wrong! As for the video, this is by no means everything that's out there. It's just some of the stuff that I enjoy watching. Plus, it helped to fill up the DVD.

Artwork & Images

A Lifetime Part 1

A Lifetime Part 2


Anthology Part 1

Anthology Part 2



Family Jams

Family Jams (alt. version)

Helter Skelter Part 1

Helter Skelter Part 2

Helter Skelter Part 3


Manson Opera Part 1

Manson Opera Part 2

Manson Speaks Part 1

Manson Speaks Part 2

One Mind

Phone Calls 2006

Poor Old Prisoner Boy

Saints Are Hell On Earth

Live At San Quentin

The Son Of Man

The Summer Of Hate

Taste Of Freedom

The Way Of The Wolf


Wit & Wisdom Part 1

Wit & Wisdom Part 2


Biography Part 1

Biography Part 2

Biography Part 3

Charlie Rose Part 1

Charlie Rose Part 2

Charlie Rose Part 3

Charlie Rose Part 4

Charlie Rose Part 5

Geraldo Part 1

Geraldo Part 2

Geraldo Part 3

Geraldo Part 4

Geraldo Part 5

Geraldo Part 6

Geraldo Part 7

Parole 92 Part 1

Parole 92 Part 2

Parole 92 Part 3

Parole 92 Part 4

Parole 92 Part 5

Penny Daniels Part 1

Penny Daniels Part 2

Penny Daniels Part 3

Penny Daniels Part 4

Penny Daniels Part 5

Penny Daniels Part 6

Ron Reagan Jr. Part 1

Ron Reagan Jr. Part 2

Ron Reagan Jr. Part 3

Ron Reagan Jr. Part 4

Lynette Fromme


  1. Great work on this. I'd gladly rip Trees for future downloaders, if you would like.

  2. Behemoth: Yes, I would LOVE a copy of Trees. I haven't heard that one yet.