Sunday, May 16, 2010

In Memory Of Ronnie James Dio

We lost a legend today. However, we can rejoice in the knowledge that his spirit and the body of work he left behind will live on forever. Since you should be listening to some Ronnie James Dio today, here are two bootleg shows from my collection. One with Black Sabbath and one with Heaven & Hell. Play them loud!

Thank you, Ronnie for all the great music you gave us. You will be missed. But, you will never be forgotten.

Black Sabbath - Tokyo 1980 (MediaFire)

Heaven & Hell - Sweden 2007 Part 1 (MediaFire)

Heaven & Hell - Sweden 2007 Part 2 (MediaFire)

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  1. hi dear,
    thanks a lot for your music collection
    i just got to know your blog today
    i will check it every day for your good music
    just want to ask you if you can find some ramses albums?
    i have one album,but i can't find anything nowhere in net
    you know them?can you find if they have some other albums?