Saturday, July 4, 2009

Metal MC - Born To Party (1988)

My memory is a little fuzzy. So, I really don't remember when I first heard Metal MC or how I found out about them. But, I had this album (on cassette) when I was growing up and I used to listen to it all the least until it wore out on me. When I started to convert my collection to CD, this one wasn't exactly easy to find and, for the longest time, it was no longer part of my collection. I eventually found a copy on Ebay, which I was pretty happy about. Probably paid more than it was worth. But, it was something that I wanted and, if you want something bad enough, you have to step up, right?

I never really knew a lot about this band. "Born To Party" came out a year after Anthrax did "I'm The Man." So, they weren't the first band to mix rock and rap. But, they were one of the first few. Honestly, it's not an exceptionally strong album. The first three tracks, which are "MC Theme," "Sink Or Swim" and "Born To Party," are probably the best of the bunch. They're pretty rockin' tunes. The rest of the album, well, it might take some time to grow on you. Then might not.

Like I said, I grew up with this album in my collection and that's probably why I still like it and, personally, I wish they would've done more than this one album because I think they had the potential to do so much more, especially if they had time to grow and fine tune their sound and what they were all about.

The artwork for this release wasn't included in my original post. I've since corrected that.

Metal MC (MediaFire)

Metal MC (RapidShare)


  1. First (and last) heard this band as the soundtrack to a bmx video.

  2. +holy crap man that is the same video i've been looking just because of all the good tunes

  3. I was very good friends with Shack...hung out with all of them back then. Came across their cassette a few months ago and it brought back memories.